Virtual Valentines 2021

Sun, 14 Feb 2021

As part of our Singing Valentines outreach, hundreds of people from around the globe received personalized Valentine messages from loved ones, and were thrilled to listen to our chorus sing Heart of My Heart.

Almost sixty chorus members submitted audio tapes to Jordan Travis, recorded individually.  Then, dressed for the occasion, we followed up with individual video tapes, recorded to the same track.  Jordan and his tech support people synchronized the submissions into one harmonic master video for the Valentine greetings.  Chorus manager Vic Linka organized and managed the ordering process, including a range of payment options for people requesting Valentines.  Bob Roach worked his tech magic to produce and post each individual greeting, including the personalized messages.

Without the hours of work from Jordan, Vic, and Bob, this Valentine outreach would not have been so  successful.  Each of the chorus members who submitted tapes, and all who promoted the outreach to families and friends, also contributed to the success.  It was a joy for all of us, as singers, to share our passion for music and our love for our families, friends, and audiences through this Singing Valentines outreach.

Harbourtown Christmas Show, 2019

Sat, 23 Nov 2019