About Harbourtown Sound

A professional chorus of amateur singers!

Created in 2003, Harbourtown Sound is the Hamilton Chapter of the Ontario District of the Barbershop Harmony Society…but we are so much more!
Beyond traditional barbershop-shop style quartets, Harbourtown Sound offers a wide range of sounds and professional a cappella entertainment styles to bring back fond memories or create new ones. From singing telegrams to large choral performances, Harbourtown Sound delivers memorable a cappella jazz, swing, soft rock, pop, traditional and inspirational music performances for any occasion.
Harbourtown Sound is proud to support local charities while serving, educating and entertaining community, business and charitable organization members as well as senior citizens and school children in the greater Halton-Hamilton region.

As with our Vision our Mission has remained constant from the beginning, "The Harbourtown Sound Chorus endeavours to:
1. Maintain a high-quality, performance-driven and competitive chorus through continuous performance appraisal of its members.
2. Use both internal and external resources to improve the musical and performance abilities of the chorus and of its members.
3. Include a variety of musical styles and genres in the chorus repertoire.
4. Encourage fellowship among our members.
5. Have a crisp and professional image in everything we do.
6. Establish musical and funding partners within the community.
7. Support charitable causes in the community."
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