Membership in the Sound is something we’re all proud of.  We’ve earned it through commitment, hard work, and talent. 

We are a diverse group.  Our membership is comprised of doctors, tradesmen, teachers, retirees and many others.  We have some things in common:  desire, ability, love of music, and an ongoing commitment to learning and becoming better as individuals, and as a group.  Perhaps the most important thing we have in common is that we all LOVE TO HAVE FUN doing it! 

The membership process is simple.  Our rehearsals are always open, and visitors are always welcome.  Come and see what we are all about, and how we spend our Wednesday nights.  You will feel welcome, we guarantee it! 

We’ll introduce you to our Orientation Coordinator.  He’ll take you through the first of three Prospective Member brochures.  Then get up and sing with us!  We will provide you with a guest book of our songs, guidance on voice part placement and a spot on the risers with us so you can really get a feel for The Sound.

Once you’ve been through three rehearsals, and you think we might be a fit for you, you’re eligible to audition.  We’ll provide the song, and the other 3 singers needed to complete the audition quartet.    

Once you're accepted as a member, then the real fun begins!  Our primary goal is to be ENTERTAINING!  If you can sing well, perform well, and have fun doing it, the audience will stand and thank you for it!
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